Of Cats and Dogs (And a Cute Dog Tag Too!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the time I was nine until I got pregnant with our daughter when I was in mid-20s, I owned a number of cats (or they owned me?). And they are related, mothered and grandmothered by one stray cat I brought home when I was nine. When I became a volunteer in the mountains after college, I brought home two more cats again. They’re orange/ golden – a color which none of my cats ever had. One of them is very soft – he seemed to have no bones at all. It was a pity to leave his sister behind so I had to bring them both home. However, when I was pregnant, I had to give them up. But still, until now, I am a cat person.

Due to our limited space, lack of backyard and the fact that we frequently travel, we can’t afford to have a pet, any pet, right now. Even a fish. Haha! It’s a good thing though that some stray cats come and visit us. I do feed them but I don’t get a chance to pat or play with any of them. YET.

Speaking of pets, some of you know that I have been into polymer clay crafting. I am not an advanced crafter of that field YET but I do enjoy learning, not to mention hoarding supplies and materials. Hahaha! Anyway, one of the things I made recently is this dog tag for a very special, well, dog!
polymer clay dog tagSophie is a dog of my good friend, Jen. This and my other products can be found at The Clay Craft Studio. Also, you can look here for dog garden statues to accentuate your spaces. Yes, all things dog-related can be fun, especially when you are shopping for them. Smile


jennyL October 8, 2012 at 5:57 PM  

yey thanks .. nilagay ko kanina yan ulit naiilang sya medyo mahaba kasi gawan ko paraan next time

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