Friends Through Thick and Thin

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I absolutely think that this is me and my friends and I hope they agree with me!

cat humor
I feel lucky to belong to several cliques. My friends are just some of my life’s greatest blessings and I am so very lucky to have them – through thick and thin. Open-mouthed smile

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How to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Monday, October 29, 2012

When you have little ones in the house, it is important to make your bathroom kid-friendly by keeping safety and fun in mind. Remember that many items in a kids bathroom require special accommodations, such as anti-scald devices installed on the shower heads and bath faucets. Extra hampers, bins and other storage options for holding your children's toys are also useful additions. Besides making the room safe, create a fun place full of colors and interesting toys for your kids so that they look forward to bath time instead of dreading it.

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Safety is key when you design a kids themed bathroom. Place non-slip mats in the tub, select slip-resistant tiles for your floor and install grab bars that are low enough for your children to hold. If your bathroom has glass doors, make sure they are made of special safety glass. Childproof outlet covers keep your little ones from sticking their fingers into sockets, and a disabled door lock keeps your kids from locking themselves inside the room. To make the surroundings look appealing, create a kids colorful bathroom. Use standard bath and sink faucets and other fixtures, but go crazy with your accessories, such as towels and shower curtains. For example, it is easy to introduce a cheery maritime theme into a bathroom by adding washcloths, rugs and decals decorated with brightly colored images of boats, sand dollars and pirates.

Another aspect to keep in mind is whether your household's adults ever use the kids bathroom. If so, make sure that any changes you make to the room accommodate both you and your children without compromising anyone's safety.


Reading and Calories

Saturday, October 27, 2012

reading humor
This. Most of my friends and I can absolutely relate as we love reading – both ebooks and hardbound. How I wish this humor is true!


Why Choose Flowers as Gift?

Friday, October 19, 2012

clearwater floristSince time immemorial, flower-giving has a significant and popular choice. Most likely, the gift of flowers is the most popular option all around the world. What really makes flowers very appealing?

Flowers are beautiful and their scents are exhilarating. Flowers carry the freshness of nature and the world around them. The mere presence of flowers can cause happy emotions, good cheer and promote positive mood.

It does not matter if it’s a bouquet of flowers or just a single stem, the gift of flower/s can surely bring good cheer and joyful feelings to the one receiving it. The gift flowers create lasting memories.

Surely, everyone of us would love to receive flowers. And if you are looking for a good clearwater florist, why not go for The Florist Family? They have been in the floral industry for about 46 years now and have grown along the changing of times. Their experience and commitment have been what made them a premier florist company in the Tampa Bay area. Their primary goal is to provide excellent customer satisfaction, thus, their floral arrangements and gift selection are carefully designed with added personal touch.

Shopping from their online website is a breeze. It is easy to navigate and very comprehensive. If you are on tight budget, you can still buy a floral arrangement from through their daily specials. Moreover, buying from them is very easy as they have provided several convenient modes of payment.

Surprise someone you love with the gift of flowers. Visit The Florist Family to help you accomplish that.


Three Effective Ways to Reward Your Dogs for Good Behavior

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Training a dog can be challenging especially for those who are new in the field or have just recently acquired a pet. There is one effective way to train a dog and that is the use of positive reinforcement. In dog training, positive reinforcement means rewarding a dog in order to reinforce a favorable behavior. For example, giving your dog a treat when you tell him to sit and he obeys you. That is a common example of rewarding a good behavior.

There are many ways to reward your dog in order to motivate him and to make your dog training fun. Here are some effective ways to reward your dog:

1.TREATS. This is the most common option when we tackle positive reinforcement. Even parents and teachers dispense treats in order to reward good behavior of students and children. When it comes to dog training, treats are a great way to instantly reward a good behavior. There are 2 varieties of dog foods to choose from - dry and wet dog food.

2.TIME FOR OUTSIDE EXPLORATION. Since dogs like smelling new things, seeing interesting views and basically exploring the outdoors, use it as a good motivator or part of your positive reinforcement program. You can let him play with other dogs too when you see some at the park.

3.YOUR ATTENTION. Dogs love snuggling, being played with and getting praise and attention from you. Use your undivided attention as a reward when your dog is behaving well. This certainly gives him the message that you are noticing him and his good behavior.

Remember that dogs can be trained to properly behave. You just have to learn and practice the methods to effectively reward their good behavior.


Password Safety

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I was checking out some tech-related news last night and one article that caught my attention was concerning the passwords we used. Amazingly, though not surprisingly, the most commonly used passwords by people around the globe is 123456. It used to be 12345. Other favorites include “abc123”, “iloveyou” and “password”. Choosing these and other easy to guess ones makes ones account vulnerable to hackers. Nobody wants to be hacked, right? So be careful when choosing your passwords.



Ever since I started to work-from-home, I look forward to weekends when I can finally rest. Working-from-home has its ups and downs. One of the major downs for me is that I work from home! I still need to define when is the time to work and when is the time to rest during weekdays. The weekend, however, is certainly a time to rest, since the husband is around. Though at this very moment I am cramming to get some work done before the deadline, we have plans to go out as a family later. I have been craving for some native delicacies and promised myself that it is going to be a treat once this hectic week is over. The husband needs to purchase a new lag screw while the daughter has been asking for a trip to the bookstore. She topped her class (rank 1, baby!) during the first grading and I gave her some book shopping money she has been eagerly waiting to spend.  A trip to the mall later will certainly be a treat for us all.

Happy weekend to you and yours!


Joe Francis' Philanthropist Side

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Despite the misconception that joe francis can be an awful and despising man that others perceive him to be, the Girls Gone Wild founder has still been able to squeeze a little bit of charity work in his hectic schedule. “The Real Housewives of Miami” which is a reality Television show that focuses on the most elite and high-profiled local housewives of Florida, stars certainly one of Joe’s good friends, Leah Black and husband, Roy. Joe Francis was invited on the couple’s annual Leah and Roy Black’s Annual Gala at EdenRoc Renaissance Hotel in which the night’s theme was “That’s What Friends Are For”. The fund-raising event was thought to be one of the most high-end social gatherings there's in Miami along with the Black couple did an incredibly generous act of donating proceeds from the auction within the said event to deserving vulnerable children of a chosen charity. His extravagant contribution on the auction was obviously a lavish all-expense-paid travel to his magnificent 40,000sq.-foot Casa Aramara in Mexico for four days. Winning bidders get each year the heavenly beachfront and relaxing estate while helping beneficiary children. It may be enough to give such a holiday trip for auction since Joe’s part for the charity event had been a good portion in the amount raised which reached surprisingly at $700,000. Joe also donated cash for that charity event amounting to $50,000 about behalf Girls Gone Wild.

Another charity involvement on this good man as shared in is his generous all-out support to some Cuban family that has been on the verge of being without the benefit of migrating towards the US. With Joe’s financial help, the family’s migration became possible and Joe even provided the family’s basic needs for a comfortable living as an apartment, groceries, furniture, a career and more. He was really a man with an above average heart. To find out more charities that Joe Francis helps, could be a source.


I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

Monday, October 1, 2012

octoberHello October!

This is another busy month as I try to start processing orders for some events for November and gifts for December.

We also have a scheduled family trip and I am quite excited to be finally flying again after four long months. Sure, we had a short staycation two weekends ago but riding an airplane to visit another island is more exciting. We have not done our pre-travel requirements (e.g. book a hotel, research about itineraries, read about must-see places, etc.) but I am already excited. It is going to be a long break for us before we go into another traveling frenzy come December. But before those trips happen, I have to work hard so I can fully deserve them. Wish me luck!

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