Three Effective Ways to Reward Your Dogs for Good Behavior

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Training a dog can be challenging especially for those who are new in the field or have just recently acquired a pet. There is one effective way to train a dog and that is the use of positive reinforcement. In dog training, positive reinforcement means rewarding a dog in order to reinforce a favorable behavior. For example, giving your dog a treat when you tell him to sit and he obeys you. That is a common example of rewarding a good behavior.

There are many ways to reward your dog in order to motivate him and to make your dog training fun. Here are some effective ways to reward your dog:

1.TREATS. This is the most common option when we tackle positive reinforcement. Even parents and teachers dispense treats in order to reward good behavior of students and children. When it comes to dog training, treats are a great way to instantly reward a good behavior. There are 2 varieties of dog foods to choose from - dry and wet dog food.

2.TIME FOR OUTSIDE EXPLORATION. Since dogs like smelling new things, seeing interesting views and basically exploring the outdoors, use it as a good motivator or part of your positive reinforcement program. You can let him play with other dogs too when you see some at the park.

3.YOUR ATTENTION. Dogs love snuggling, being played with and getting praise and attention from you. Use your undivided attention as a reward when your dog is behaving well. This certainly gives him the message that you are noticing him and his good behavior.

Remember that dogs can be trained to properly behave. You just have to learn and practice the methods to effectively reward their good behavior.


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