Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ever since I started to work-from-home, I look forward to weekends when I can finally rest. Working-from-home has its ups and downs. One of the major downs for me is that I work from home! I still need to define when is the time to work and when is the time to rest during weekdays. The weekend, however, is certainly a time to rest, since the husband is around. Though at this very moment I am cramming to get some work done before the deadline, we have plans to go out as a family later. I have been craving for some native delicacies and promised myself that it is going to be a treat once this hectic week is over. The husband needs to purchase a new lag screw while the daughter has been asking for a trip to the bookstore. She topped her class (rank 1, baby!) during the first grading and I gave her some book shopping money she has been eagerly waiting to spend.  A trip to the mall later will certainly be a treat for us all.

Happy weekend to you and yours!


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