Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have been very scarce lately. Contrary to what others think, work-from-home moms do live a very busy and challenging life, at least in my case. I have to find a good balance when it comes to a)work b) business and c)household management. It has been a struggle to find that balance, even though I have been living this kind of life for 2.5 years now but I am not giving up. It has been a hit and miss but I am grateful that I have a husband who understand, supports and most often, helps me see things in a different perspective. The point really is: I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING and I have to forgive myself for that. But the things that I can, I do. The deadlines are never ending and most often, they make me cringe. But then, I love what I do so I am not stopping. I just need to find THAT balance. Soon.


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