Good Mornight!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It’s way past midnight and I am still up, trying to blog. I tried going to sleep at around 10PM but my mind still screams “WORK!” as I took a long and relaxing nap around 5PM. So I got up and was able to work on one task.

I do not know if it was the nap or maybe the silence of the night that I am able to work productively. It helps too that most people are asleep, there aren’t much going on on Facebook! Haha! Yes, I am guilty of working and checking on my Facebook account simultaneously. In fact, I forgot that I was corresponding with a client this morning because I was blogging and checking on my emails while talking to her. My bad!

Anyway, I should be sleeping (really) by now. I realized that my day begins at 6AM –when I prepare my daughter for school and ends at 12 midnight tops. It is not healthy, really, but work beckons. I usually take naps in between, especially when I already feel really weak and tired to continue working on either blogging tasks or commissioned polymer clay items. And I will try to sleep a wee bit earlier once the Christmas rush is over. Promise. Smile


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