How to Choose a Smartphone

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nowadays, most if not all prefer smartphones over the old feature phones. In fact, almost all cell phone developers and manufacturers are geared towards coming up with more and more models of smartphones. But what is a smartphone? According to Wikipedia, a smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system with more advanced computer capability and connectivity. While the first smartphones had the combined functions of a personal digital assistant and a mobile phone, later models have portable media players, camera features, GPS navigation units and many more. Most new models of smartphones nowadays have high-resolution touchscreens and are capable of connecting to the Internet through Wi-FI and mobile broadband. This means that people can send emails, read news online, find a good restaurant, read a book and even play a quick game at while waiting on a line. Truly, smartphones have revolutionized the way we live, conduct business, connect with others and even entertain our selves. 

With the number of smartphones out there, it can be challenging to finally decide which is the perfect choice. All brands claim to be having the best models and units. However, one need not to be swayed by colorful and convincing ads. Here are some factors to consider when buying a smartphone:

Your Needs. Find out what is important to you and what you really need. A big screen or physical keyboard? A small and handy unit or otherwise? Are you going to primarily use it to check your emails every now and then? Do you need a good camera? Identify what your needs are and finding the right unit or model of smartphone for you will become easy.

Your Budget. One big factor to consider when buying a smartphone is your budget. There are expensive brands out there and if you are capable of paying for one, there is no problem. However, if your budget is limited, you might want to go for one that you can afford. There are many good and affordable units of smartphones and all you have to do is research and ask for recommendations.

The Operating System. Nowadays, you can choose from four main smartphone choices: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone. Majority of new phones nowadays run on Android which is an open source operating system. On the other hand, BlackBerry is developed by a Canadian company called Research in Motion. BlackBerry phones have BBM or BlackBerry Messenger - a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger application included on BlackBerry devices that allows messaging between BlackBerry users. iOS is the operating system exclusive on the iPhone. Windows Phone is based almost entirely on the Zune MP3 player interface. It is the only OS to employ a new type of interface as it uses Live Tiles instead of a grid of shortcuts.


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