Wallets as Gifts

Friday, December 14, 2012

Perhaps one of the most common gifts during Christmas time is the wallet. Well, it may be common but it is also something very useful. The ones who get it use it and if they don’t, they give it to another family member who would really use it. So it’s never a bad idea, I think, to give a wallet as gift.  

Now, if you decide to give leather wallets – that would certainly be appreciated more. It would not only be a useful gift but a durable one. It would also mean you are willing to pay a good price for that Christmas present.


How to be Happy

Points to ponder on, especially now that we are about to face another fresh year. Simply put, we are in charge of our own happiness so it is useless to depend on other to make us happy. Happiness, after all, is something that we owe ourselves so we better take charge starting today (or next year).

what happy people do
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The Important Role of Nurses

What would hospital care be like without nurses? Well, doctors are important, of course, but we have to admit that given care in a hospital setting can be a good one depending on the given nursing care.

It is the nurses, after all, who administer our medications. They are also the ones we can readily call whenever we need basic care in those hospital rooms. In fact, they are our line, our bridge to have those doctors come to our bedside when needed.

Given the important role they play, I really wish that nurses have access to the best selection of nursing supplies there is by freeing them to do their job well.


Men and Cowboy Movies

Unlike most women, most men love cowboy movies. 

The cowboy is fast-moving, alert; in good control of his own horse as well as the other horses or cattle which are under his care. He is a man who always seems to know what to do and apparently does it well. Add to this that the cowboy hero in cowboy movies would look great in his clothes and those Black Cowboy Hats.

The heroic cowboy would also be going after the bad guys, not to mention that he would be very skilled in using his gun. Ah, with all the suave qualities he has, other men will continue to admire him and all movies about him.


Step Into The Future With A Graduate Degree

Friday, December 7, 2012


Step Into The Future With A Graduate Degree                                          Image via Flickr by Bill McChesney

Have you been dreaming of getting an advanced degree? Perhaps you feel that additional education will give you a leg up on your career. Well, it’s not that difficult, you just need to make that first step.

Many people today are expanding their job opportunities by earning a graduate degree. Some may just want to expand their horizons through education. However, many people may be a bit hesitant to begin what might seem to be a daunting journey.

Having an advanced degree such as a Masters, a PhD, or even a law degree, lends a certain positive aspect to your professional resume. It can create opportunities that may not present themselves with a bachelors degree.

Because these added credentials present more job opportunities, it is almost certain that a higher paycheck or salary will follow. Alternatively, the knowledge gained via an advanced degree may just offer a sense of satisfaction that you have achieved a lofty goal.

Let’s take a good look at why obtaining that degree is a positive step and why it’s probably not that difficult.

Define Your Goals

Determine what area of study you would like to engage in. Is it an extension of your undergraduate degree, or an entirely different field? Graduate degrees concentrate narrowly on single topics, so it’s important that you will enjoy your studies.

Choose a School

You will want to find a degree program at a school that will suit your needs. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a school that offers a degree program in the area in which you wish to study. Then, you’ll need to determine if that school’s program will fit your schedule and lifestyle. Some people obtaining advanced degrees work full-time, so flexibility is important. Many schools offer evening and online courses to suit these individuals.

The Application Process

The application process can be lengthy and can require quite a bit of time. Be prepared to gather transcripts and letters of recommendation. You may also need to take some sort of graduate level test such as the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) or the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). It is also a good idea to apply to several schools.

Get Ready to Study

Once you are accepted, make sure that you understand that this coursework will be at a higher level and much more intricate that your undergraduate studies. Make contact with your graduate advisor, as well as your professors so you are in complete understanding of the program’s expectations and requirements.

Finally, you will be expected to write a thesis or dissertation. This can be considered your final exam. This final paper will be lengthy and will incorporate most of the information covered in your coursework, so make sure you have a complete understanding of all your classes.

Graduating with an advanced degree can be rewarding, even with all the hard work, so take that first step and get started today.


These Pliers…

Thursday, December 6, 2012

… I want.

It’s December and apart from Christmas, it is also the time when I turn a year older. I’ve already told the Husband what I want for Christmas and he’s just waiting for me to finalize the wish list. However, I still want to buy ME a gift so I scoured the Net last night and chanced upon this:



beadsmith ergo pliers 4 piece
Sure, this is far from my usual gift to self but I honestly want this set. I used to buy me gadgets and believe me, I still want a certain phone with superb camera and a topnotch computer. Those are the only remaining big gadget buys for me BUT for now, I don’t have the slightest interest to spend for them. Just this set of pliers please.

Since I work with metals most of the time, these will be very handy and hey, they’re ergonomic! I already have four different pliers which I bought cheaply compared to these but one is rusty while another’s rubber handle is falling off. Besides, my hands are starting to feel cramps and all so working with ergonomic pliers can make my job easier.

I am still thinking though if this is a wise buy since it is relatively pricey. I am looking for other brands but so far, this one has many positive reviews. Let’s see what will happen.


What Will You Invest In

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


                                                  Via Flickr by Images_of_Money

Many people are still concerned about investing, even though the economy is currently in recovery. However, when you have a good investment company with a proven track record on your side, investing becomes much less stressful. There are a few main areas that most investment companies focus.

Real Estate

The real estate market is getting its footing back. Because of this, more investment companies are becoming comfortable with investing in real estate again. In fact, there are many companies that never stopped investing in real estate. Houses, apartment buildings, and offices are built for the long-term. Even when the economy has a down-turn, it is proven that it will eventually come back up. This is why many companies feel that real estate is worth the investment any time.

Natural Resources

Many companies, such as Fortress, with Advisory Board Member - Peter L. Briger Jr., feel that natural resources are a good investment opportunity. These resources are things that we use on a regular basis, and they will continue to be used in the future.


Currency rates are always changing. In fact, they can change minute to minute. Staying on top of currency investments is a difficult job, but when done correctly it pays out well. When working with a company that invests in currency, it is important to know and understand the strategies they will use.

Intellectual Property

Investing in intellectual property is considered a non-traditional investment. It is a difficult field to navigate. However, with proper care, investments in intellectual property are a great way to make money on your investment.


Every day, there is something new being discovered or invented. Investing in technology is a great way to expand your investment portfolio. There are many new companies that need investments, and frequently this is a good option. Though it may seem like a great idea to invest in a large technology company that has proven itself, these companies may not see as good of a return as a smaller company. Smaller companies have room to grow and expand. However, small companies also have more of a chance of failure, which can make it a tough decision in the investment world.

There are a variety of investment opportunities, no matter what industry you are interested in. Once you have a good investment advisor, discuss your concerns and options; you will quickly find that investment is a great opportunity.


What I Want

Monday, December 3, 2012

It has been going on for like a month now. And I don’t really chose the time – whether we’re eating, or watching an episode of CSI. Or about to sleep. Out of the blue, I tell the husband – “I now know what I want for my birthday!”. He patiently listens as I babble about a nice wallet (approved). Or a big watch (disapproved since I already have five!). Or pandora charms (under deliberation). A videoke thingamajig (approved!). Or an iPhone (dream on).

But honestly, I really do not know what I want for my birthday. Since we will be on a trip around that time, the getaway is a gift itself. We highly value holidays and travels as a family and celebrating that special day of mine doing what we love is already more than enough.


Life has Funny Way…

My nicely planned long weekend was spoiled by a very nasty migraine attack last Friday. We were supposed to go marketing and then later on spend some time with our friends but because I was feeling very ill, we had to stay home. I dare say that it was one of the worst attacks since I started having migraines. I had cover our window with a dark colored blanket and keep our door closed in order to prevent any light from entering the room as it makes me feel more awful. The husband even had to bring food and feed me on the bed because I was too weak to get up. When our friends came by, I got up for some chat but I felt sorry being left behind when it was time for them to go and shop. The bad headache lasted until that night that I had to take a stronger medication.

My migraine was gone when I woke up the following day. However, I was still sulking since I felt that I was robbed of one good day with my family and friends. Aside from that, I thought that I have been doing a good job in managing my stressors, ergo, keeping the dreaded migraine at bay. I was completely caught off guard when I woke up with a bad migraine last Friday. It goes to show that what Alanis Morissette said is true: Life has funny way of sneaking up on you.

Anyway, since I was up and well that day, we went to a mall that was holding a crazy sale. I was able to score some long-overdue makeup stuff. Some good brands were on sale and the store gave rebates for big purchases – it made me AND the husband happy!


Why Online Schools are a Good Way to Earn a Master’s Degree

A number of middle-aged individuals in today’s workforce may have other dreams that they want to pursue, but budget restrictions and financial obligations are preventing them from pursuing these goals and instead they focus on finding a job, keeping it and improving their financial security. One of the dreams that often take a backseat is enrolling in a higher education program. Earning a bachelor’s degree may be enough to get you a job, but if you want to land a career that will provide you with more benefits and a higher salary, then pursuing a master’s degree could be the key.

For some people, this may already seem impossible because going back to school would mean focusing full-time on the academics and having to be out of work. But what if there’s another way to get your degree without having to sacrifice your current job? Enrolling in an online masters degree in management could be the solution that you are looking for. Even though the traditional campus-based setup is still very popular, online schools also prove a favorable choice due to the benefits that they provide working students.

An online class allows you to set the pace on how lessons are conducted. One of the perks of getting your graduate degree online is that you can customize your classes depending on your schedule. This flexibility in managing your time and the convenience of attending classes during your free time are some of the top reasons why online schools are becoming a popular choice. No more excuses of not being able to pursue graduate studies because of your job, since you have the ability to work on these aspects at the same time.

There are different graduate programs to choose from and finding one that suits your interests and field of specialty is easy.

Online campuses provide an in-depth guide on the programs that they offer. Any information that you need to know with regards to specific courses are all laid out and, if you have other questions, you can immediately contact them via email or even a live chat. This cuts out the hassle of having to drive and pay a visit to an actual college campus just to inquire about their programs. With a little internet research, you can find a number of online schools offering various graduate degrees in management programs.

The virtual classroom setup may be new, but you can adjust to this setup very quickly. One of the advantages of this setup is that you can directly ask your online professors about any questions that you may have on a subject. In a typical classroom with at least thirty students, it may be hard to get an audience with your professor. If you are enrolled on a graduate program online all you need to do is contact them via email.

Of course, budget also plays a huge factor; expect the cost of traditional schooling to be more expensive since you may need to pay for miscellaneous fees. These expenses are often cut out on an online graduate program because you do not have an actual classroom that incurs electricity and other fees.


This guest post was contributed by Lynette Sullivan a freelance writer for a website that offers information about masters degree human resources.


House, MD: Season 7

I have been delaying it for so long but eventually, it has to happen. Watching House, MD season 7, that is.House-MD-season-7-poster-house-mdI know the series has finally ended at season 8 but I have not bought a copy of that final season yet, thus, I delayed watching what I have. But last Thursday, I got bored with what’s on TV as I usually watch listen to news TV whenever I work on polymer clay. So I decided to watch the second to the last season and like how the other viewers felt, I was disappointed at where the series was going. It seemed that it had focused on the dramas going on in the lives of the characters instead of the medical mysteries that they should’ve been solving. Or maybe I was so used to CSI – less drama and heavy on mysteries.

Anyways, I know that the final season is as disappointing as this one but I know I’d still be watching it as I hate unfinished issues.


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