Life has Funny Way…

Monday, December 3, 2012

My nicely planned long weekend was spoiled by a very nasty migraine attack last Friday. We were supposed to go marketing and then later on spend some time with our friends but because I was feeling very ill, we had to stay home. I dare say that it was one of the worst attacks since I started having migraines. I had cover our window with a dark colored blanket and keep our door closed in order to prevent any light from entering the room as it makes me feel more awful. The husband even had to bring food and feed me on the bed because I was too weak to get up. When our friends came by, I got up for some chat but I felt sorry being left behind when it was time for them to go and shop. The bad headache lasted until that night that I had to take a stronger medication.

My migraine was gone when I woke up the following day. However, I was still sulking since I felt that I was robbed of one good day with my family and friends. Aside from that, I thought that I have been doing a good job in managing my stressors, ergo, keeping the dreaded migraine at bay. I was completely caught off guard when I woke up with a bad migraine last Friday. It goes to show that what Alanis Morissette said is true: Life has funny way of sneaking up on you.

Anyway, since I was up and well that day, we went to a mall that was holding a crazy sale. I was able to score some long-overdue makeup stuff. Some good brands were on sale and the store gave rebates for big purchases – it made me AND the husband happy!


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