These Pliers…

Thursday, December 6, 2012

… I want.

It’s December and apart from Christmas, it is also the time when I turn a year older. I’ve already told the Husband what I want for Christmas and he’s just waiting for me to finalize the wish list. However, I still want to buy ME a gift so I scoured the Net last night and chanced upon this:



beadsmith ergo pliers 4 piece
Sure, this is far from my usual gift to self but I honestly want this set. I used to buy me gadgets and believe me, I still want a certain phone with superb camera and a topnotch computer. Those are the only remaining big gadget buys for me BUT for now, I don’t have the slightest interest to spend for them. Just this set of pliers please.

Since I work with metals most of the time, these will be very handy and hey, they’re ergonomic! I already have four different pliers which I bought cheaply compared to these but one is rusty while another’s rubber handle is falling off. Besides, my hands are starting to feel cramps and all so working with ergonomic pliers can make my job easier.

I am still thinking though if this is a wise buy since it is relatively pricey. I am looking for other brands but so far, this one has many positive reviews. Let’s see what will happen.


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