Weekend at the Water Park

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We spent the preceding weekend at a nearby hotel. It was a memorable and relaxing experience, aside from being soooo fun! It has a water park facility and that’s where we spent our entire Saturday. It was my first time there while the husband and daughter already paid the place a visit some months back during the husband’s company outing. As a first-timer, I was incredibly impressed with the place – from the patio floor tiles to the slides and wave pool.

Prior to taking a dip, we went around the place for photo ops. Afterward, we deposited our things in a locker and enjoyed the various water facilities. When we got tired and hungry, we stopped for lunch break and continued our photo ops.



Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone! The day has started rather late for me as I crawled back to bed after bidding my husband goodbye and cooking my daughter’s breakfast. You see, we just had a super fun weekend in one of the hotels nearby. It was an anniversary weekend for the husband and yours truly and instead of travelling, we opted for a staycation since we have a super limited time. Besides, we already have a loooong vacation due next month. Yay!

Anyway, I still feel tired right now because we spent an entire day at the water park. The passes were included in the hotel fee we paid so it was really worth it. It was a great experience and we hope to return again. It was truly a good anniversary weekend without leaving the city. And I hope to share with you some stories in the succeeding posts.


Oh Brothers!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This day marks a younger brother’s birthday and I wish him the very best. He, along with our youngest brother is a very big part of my happy childhood. Like almost all siblings, there are times when we did not get along very well but still, it is great to have them to boss around in our growing up years. Hahaha! I am the eldest and it sure has its perks. I was a meanie but still, they love me (because there is no other choice!) I will forever remember how happy and memorable my childhood was, all because I had the bestest playmates ever!


Of Cats and Dogs (And a Cute Dog Tag Too!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the time I was nine until I got pregnant with our daughter when I was in mid-20s, I owned a number of cats (or they owned me?). And they are related, mothered and grandmothered by one stray cat I brought home when I was nine. When I became a volunteer in the mountains after college, I brought home two more cats again. They’re orange/ golden – a color which none of my cats ever had. One of them is very soft – he seemed to have no bones at all. It was a pity to leave his sister behind so I had to bring them both home. However, when I was pregnant, I had to give them up. But still, until now, I am a cat person.

Due to our limited space, lack of backyard and the fact that we frequently travel, we can’t afford to have a pet, any pet, right now. Even a fish. Haha! It’s a good thing though that some stray cats come and visit us. I do feed them but I don’t get a chance to pat or play with any of them. YET.

Speaking of pets, some of you know that I have been into polymer clay crafting. I am not an advanced crafter of that field YET but I do enjoy learning, not to mention hoarding supplies and materials. Hahaha! Anyway, one of the things I made recently is this dog tag for a very special, well, dog!
polymer clay dog tagSophie is a dog of my good friend, Jen. This and my other products can be found at The Clay Craft Studio. Also, you can look here for dog garden statues to accentuate your spaces. Yes, all things dog-related can be fun, especially when you are shopping for them. Smile


Google Page Pays Tribute to Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann

Have you seen Google’s page today? I initially noticed the lady and the number of kids surrounding her. Knowing about Google’s way of honoring really special people, I thought that this woman is honored because she must be a mother to really many kids. Hahaha! So I clicked and learned that she is Clara Schumann. She is a German musician and today marks her 193rd birth anniversary. She is considered to be a major influence through changing the format and repertoire of the piano recital and the tastes of the listening public. She is married to Robert Schumann, a composer and together, they encouraged Johannes Brahms by giving public performance of some of Brahms’ masterpieces.

So cheers to you, Clara Schumann and thank you for the music!


Medical Alert Systems You Can Trust

Saturday, September 1, 2012

If you have elderly parents who are living in their own homes alone, it is best that you provide them with a good medical alert system. It is your best ally in making sure that small accidents do not become big life tragedies. Now if you are in search of the best Medical alerty system, why not consider LifeNet.com. It offers the best and most reliable medical alert system in the market and very affordable too. It helps seniors stay safe while living on their own and assures their families that they can easily monitor their aging loved ones despite the distance.

Why choose LifeNet.com when it comes to medical alert? First of all, it is very easy to use. It is discrete and can be activated with just one single press of the button. The user can also conveniently use it as a pendant, bracelet, wristwatch or be clipped on a belt. Moreover, LifeNet’s medical alert is made durable so it is waterproof and works even when wet or submerged into water. Thus, the user is assured that he can wear and use it when taking a bath, swimming, gardening or cooking. This medical alert system does not require any installation too, does, taking away inconvenience and other unnecessary charges.

Speaking of charges, did you know that Lifenet.com offers medical alert systems that are affordable? Enjoy no required deposits, no lock-you-in contracts, and no hidden charges when you subscribe to a LifeNet medical alert system. Also avail of their free priority 2-3 day shipping with free expedited return shipping for free. All plans include the following:

  • 24/7 USA EMT Certified Monitoring (Exclusive)
  • 1 Console With Battery Back Up
  • 1 Help Button With Free Attachments
  • Free Lifetime Replacement Service
  • Rate Lock
  • Free Expedited Shipping

So visit their website now and choose from three affordable medical alert system that fit your budget. It’s a small amount to pay for the safety of your elderly loved ones and your own peace of mind.


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