Thursday, January 31, 2013

Want to see a movie yet short on time? If you have 6:35 minutes to spare, here is one for you:

Paperman a full animated short film:


I hope you will take time to watch, you’re going to love it!


Dependable Locksmith Services in Calgary

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Locksmith calgary neBeing locked out of one’s house can be one of the most horrifying experience a person can have. I should know as I have experienced it last month. I unknowingly locked our door and I was very terrified when I realized what I did once it was time to go in. It took me forty-five minutes of trying to open the door with almost anything that was within reach. I even wondered how much a door would cost as I was thinking of just taking it down. Finally, I found a piece of wood that I used to whack the door knob and finally get inside. It sure was an exhausting experience that I never want to happen again. An emergency like this could have not been traumatic if I knew a locksmith nearby and have called for help.

Speaking of locksmith, in Calgary, a reputable locksmith services provider called Quick Lockworks Ltd  is preferred provider when it comes to locksmith services.  Locksmith calgary ne area offers a wide range of locksmith services using only topnotch products. Their staff is well-skilled, prompt and equipped with the right training. Moreover, Locksmith calgary by quick lockworks is not only limited to residential locksmith services. They also offer locksmith services to commercial establishments and offices. With their up-to-date and dependable security hardware, clients are assured that one’s business is secure and safe. And do not mistake their quality services for high price. Their prices are reasonable and affordable and this makes them the go-to locksmith by Calgary residents and business-owners.


Disney Princesses Modern Day Outfits

If you are wondering how Disney Princesses would dress up at this modern times, check this out:disney princesses outfit

Someone has painstakingly compiled these outfits and she/ he certainly did a good job! Which one is your favorite?


Caregiving for the Elderly

Due to their physical needs and health problems brought about by aging, seniors require special attention and care. While there are some families who feel incapable of providing the right care and attention for their aging family members, there are many who are up for the job. Whichever a family of a senior might choose, it is important that they are knowledgeable about the medical condition of their family member and the needs that require special attention and care. They should be constantly in touch with the aging parent’s doctors and regularly bring him in for a consultation.

It is also necessary that the home is made conducive for senior living. The aging parent’s room must be located at the ground floor since stairs can be challenging for the elderly and might cause injury. It is also important that his space is made comfortable. There are special products out there that make sleeping more restful too. For example, a person who is prone to severe back problems and/ or spends a lot of time in bed need to have an adjustable bed wedge.

adjustable bed wedge
While it can be challenging to find good and high quality senior care products, it is good to  know that this website has everything that one needs in order to give the best care for an aged family member. The name is Parent Giving Store and it carries an impressive collection of almost all things related to senior care. It has products for bath safety, diabetic supplies, daily living aids, mobility devices and many more. Many clients have testified about the quality of their products and their service. Truly, Parent Giving Store is THE store when it comes to caring for aging parents.


Life on the Outside

It was a sure sign that I should get off the iPad/ laptop and try do something else. I lost my Internet connection for about 30 hours – from Monday mid-morning up to Tuesday mid-afternoon. It should have caused a major panic since my work and business highly depend on the Internet. In fact, I had a looming deadline! But I took it as that – a sign that I should accomplish other things OFFLINE. And that’s what I did after calling my ISP’s customer service and obtaining a job order that will address my problem the day after. I would have pressed for a same-day visit from a technician but nah, I don’t think it is worth the stress.

So anyway, I was able to accomplish two things: finish a book – The Zahir, and create our menu for the week. Personally, any book by Paulo Coelho is a heavy read that is why I started reading some other books while trying to finish The Zahir. But I finally finished it. Yay! Two things I like about Coelho books: they make me think and inspire me to write.

As for the menu, I have several cookbooks that I rarely open. Most often, I stick with my usual dishes which have already bored me and my wards. Last Monday night, I took them out, looked for new and interesting dishes and planned my marketing the following day based on my menu. Yay me!

And then my Internet is back. I am happy to have retained a paid task even if it was beyond the deadline. (Gotta love understanding advertisers!) Yes, it is important that we get away from the computer and try to live outside the World Wide Web. It is something that I have to constantly remind myself (or be reminded, in any way possible) as I tend to spend hours and hours on the Internet, justifying that I am working (which is the truth but there’s Facebook, Twitter, etc.). While it is more convenient to stay online nowadays, thanks to tablets and smart phones, it takes a lot of self-discipline to just turn it all off and live. Personally, it is a challenge but I have started to dedicate some reading hours prior to sleeping. It is more fulfilling and brings me back to my very first love which is reading.

And speaking of books and reading, I have to post some book reviews soon. It is one of the many things that I have been trying to put off. Well, that’s typical of me. Hahaha!



Friday, January 25, 2013

In order to motivate myself to exercise, I’ve decided to come up with a fine system that will encourage me to move it, move it. I am obliging myself to pay a fine of PhP100 for every day that I miss exercising. I am exempted, of course during sickness-sickness and monthly sickness.

Some app (or was it a program) inspired me to do this. A group of college students came up with such a thing where people enroll themselves to and have to pay in case they miss a day of exercising.

This is relatively effective for me. There are mornings when I feel like eating breakfast which I don’t cook myself so after bringing my daughter to school, I stop by some fast food restaurants. But since I am obliging myself to exercise and the best time for me to do so is early mornings, I am forced to go home instead. It makes me save up on fast food meals AND I get to work out.

So, how much money does my fine jar hold now? PhP 300. Hehe. I did miss three days of exercise last week when my daughter got sick. It surely messed up my morning schedule and since I am distracted, I’ve opted to pay up instead of working out. And I have been sick this week too so I hope to get back to exercising next week when I have fully recovered.

Let’s see how much money I’ll be able to raise up with this endeavor. I hope not much! Winking smile
dead last                                                           image source



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

choicesI was successful two years ago, I know that I can do it again this year. I am talking about losing weight. 2012 was a great year for me and I am grateful. However, there was one major thing that I took for granted and that’s my weight. Two years ago, I was able to maintain my ideal weight but since we’ve moved and I was promoted as the house’s cook, I gained a good amount of weight.

Today, I’ve come to realize that I gained even more pounds. The jeans and shirts that I wear on normal days now feel tight! And I look like a muffin when I sit down. I can either buy new clothes or lose weight. But I though of a better option – lose weight and reward myself with new wardrobe. How’s that?

I am on my second day of working out for 30 minutes daily. I don’t’ want to stick to any diet but I am starting to control my eating. Two years ago, I removed rice from my diet and it significantly helped me gain my ideal weight. However, the diet is not something that I could sustain as I went back to eating rice last year.

I plan to still eat what I like but in suggested/ controlled proportions. I am thinking of counting calories. As a foodie, I will try to prove that I can lose without feeling deprived and unhappy and that is by exercising daily and being mindful of what I eat.

So wish me luck! It’s going to be a long way but I believe in baby steps.


Tiny Tower

Monday, January 7, 2013

Since WE (meaning the daughter and yours truly) have hijacked the husband’s iPad, we have more games on it than him. One game that I we have enjoying is Tiny Tower. That is until the iPad owner discovered how good he is at it, so we had to turn it over and find new games for ourselves on our individual iTouch units. Hahaha! Anyway, here’s a floor during our first few days, courtesy of the daughter. Pardon her spelling. Smile

tiny towerThe father and daughter discovered another game they both love and which I’ve initially found to be confusing. That’s what they play nowadays so I am taking back this game. *evil laugh*


Chocoholic No More?

I am a self-confessed chocoholic but I would like to think that I’ve mellowed down for about 1.5 years now. Back then, I can consume a bar or two of my favorite chocolate brand that the husband kidded me about bringing me to a center like treatment for chocolates, which is similar to treatment for alcohol. Hah! As if a place like that exists!

But like what I have said, I’ve mellowed down now and I can survive a week without chocolates. It all happened, I think, when the husband supplied me with chocolates (courtesy of our friend who works in the distribution of a premium brand of chocolates in the country). Maybe I’ve eaten more than enough chocolates that eventually, I looked forward to receiving my supply so that I can give them away. Haha! Well, it actually gave our friend the peace of mind as he was starting to worry about my chocolate consumption.


The Color Purple: A Short Review

One of the many things that I enjoyed last holiday break was to read books. I finished four and that’s a lot, considering that we had twelve days of vacation. It is one of my indulges when traveling because of the time that I got waiting for boarding, for food to be served, for the Internet to become stable, etc. And I am not complaining. A good book is a good thing to waste your time on.

the color purple
One of reads is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Due to the lack of an Internet connection (and to make my reading more interesting), I did not look up the novel’s synopsis. The story and its protagonist are both interesting. However, it is not a feel-good novel as it discusses issues like racism, domestic violence, sexism and others. But what made stay up all night just to finish it is how the characters found redemption after all their misjudgments and wrong choices. The book touches a lot of sensitive issues but in the end, it is amazing how everyone found peace and have lived in harmony.


Reliable Roofing Contractor in Calgary

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

aaronroofingaWe are all aware that roofing is a very important part of a building. Without a good one, everything that we have invested on will go be destroyed by the elements or go to waste. No building or home owner wants that to happen. Thus, investing on good roofing is essential.

If you are in search of roofing calgary area, look no more. Let Aaron Roofing & Skylights Ltd. help you. A visit to its website can help you gain a good amount of helpful information when it comes to roofing. You can read about tips that can help you prevent leaks and many other relevant information. Moreover, you can request a free estimate by filling out a simple form on the page. You can also read about testimonials by satisfied clients of this reliable roofing contractor in Calgary.

Their Platinum Roofing Package is a proof of how excellent their service and products are. They make sure that their roof installers, supplies and even their roofing process meets the high standards they require. And because roofs are primarily exposed to harsh elements, they are prone to damages. However, with Aaron Roofing, you are provided with a LIFETIME (50 years) written & fully transferable warranty, assuring you that you are covered whenever a roofing problem occurs.

Once you have made up your mind and want to avail of their roofing packages, you can easily contact them since all of their contact details are provided – from their email address, telephone numbers and even their physical address. So remember, if you are looking for roofing contractor calgary area, Aaron Roofing and Skylights Ltd. is the answer.


Happy New Year!

And we are back to our regular programming. Pardon the blog dusts, as this blog also went to a hiatus along with the blogger! It was a good and relaxing break though, to get away from the routine and the ordinary. I am certainly ready to face the new year. Or maybe, another three months since summer break is just around the corner. Yay!

I sure have a lot of stories to tell and hopefully, I could organize them and those pictures so I can share them here. But first, I have to fix our things, do the laundry and work on some online tasks. I also need to do an inventory of my stocks and supplies for my polymer clay business. I have these recycled plastic boxes that I use as storage. I think I need to order round labels at which will definitely help me find what I am looking for. It consumes a lot of time – finding what I need in those several boxes which aren’t clear plastic. Aside from labeling, I also need to organize my stuff. I left them as they were when we went on a trip. There are beads, head pins and jump rings all over the places and several boxes and tin cans on the floor. The clutter does not inspire me to create at all so first things first – I should get my stuff in order.

Anyway, happy new year to you and yours! May this year bring us more blessings, more love and more of everything that makes our lives meaningful and joyful. Cheers!


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