Friday, January 25, 2013

In order to motivate myself to exercise, I’ve decided to come up with a fine system that will encourage me to move it, move it. I am obliging myself to pay a fine of PhP100 for every day that I miss exercising. I am exempted, of course during sickness-sickness and monthly sickness.

Some app (or was it a program) inspired me to do this. A group of college students came up with such a thing where people enroll themselves to and have to pay in case they miss a day of exercising.

This is relatively effective for me. There are mornings when I feel like eating breakfast which I don’t cook myself so after bringing my daughter to school, I stop by some fast food restaurants. But since I am obliging myself to exercise and the best time for me to do so is early mornings, I am forced to go home instead. It makes me save up on fast food meals AND I get to work out.

So, how much money does my fine jar hold now? PhP 300. Hehe. I did miss three days of exercise last week when my daughter got sick. It surely messed up my morning schedule and since I am distracted, I’ve opted to pay up instead of working out. And I have been sick this week too so I hope to get back to exercising next week when I have fully recovered.

Let’s see how much money I’ll be able to raise up with this endeavor. I hope not much! Winking smile
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