Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And we are back to our regular programming. Pardon the blog dusts, as this blog also went to a hiatus along with the blogger! It was a good and relaxing break though, to get away from the routine and the ordinary. I am certainly ready to face the new year. Or maybe, another three months since summer break is just around the corner. Yay!

I sure have a lot of stories to tell and hopefully, I could organize them and those pictures so I can share them here. But first, I have to fix our things, do the laundry and work on some online tasks. I also need to do an inventory of my stocks and supplies for my polymer clay business. I have these recycled plastic boxes that I use as storage. I think I need to order round labels at begalabel.com which will definitely help me find what I am looking for. It consumes a lot of time – finding what I need in those several boxes which aren’t clear plastic. Aside from labeling, I also need to organize my stuff. I left them as they were when we went on a trip. There are beads, head pins and jump rings all over the places and several boxes and tin cans on the floor. The clutter does not inspire me to create at all so first things first – I should get my stuff in order.

Anyway, happy new year to you and yours! May this year bring us more blessings, more love and more of everything that makes our lives meaningful and joyful. Cheers!


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