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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It was a sure sign that I should get off the iPad/ laptop and try do something else. I lost my Internet connection for about 30 hours – from Monday mid-morning up to Tuesday mid-afternoon. It should have caused a major panic since my work and business highly depend on the Internet. In fact, I had a looming deadline! But I took it as that – a sign that I should accomplish other things OFFLINE. And that’s what I did after calling my ISP’s customer service and obtaining a job order that will address my problem the day after. I would have pressed for a same-day visit from a technician but nah, I don’t think it is worth the stress.

So anyway, I was able to accomplish two things: finish a book – The Zahir, and create our menu for the week. Personally, any book by Paulo Coelho is a heavy read that is why I started reading some other books while trying to finish The Zahir. But I finally finished it. Yay! Two things I like about Coelho books: they make me think and inspire me to write.

As for the menu, I have several cookbooks that I rarely open. Most often, I stick with my usual dishes which have already bored me and my wards. Last Monday night, I took them out, looked for new and interesting dishes and planned my marketing the following day based on my menu. Yay me!

And then my Internet is back. I am happy to have retained a paid task even if it was beyond the deadline. (Gotta love understanding advertisers!) Yes, it is important that we get away from the computer and try to live outside the World Wide Web. It is something that I have to constantly remind myself (or be reminded, in any way possible) as I tend to spend hours and hours on the Internet, justifying that I am working (which is the truth but there’s Facebook, Twitter, etc.). While it is more convenient to stay online nowadays, thanks to tablets and smart phones, it takes a lot of self-discipline to just turn it all off and live. Personally, it is a challenge but I have started to dedicate some reading hours prior to sleeping. It is more fulfilling and brings me back to my very first love which is reading.

And speaking of books and reading, I have to post some book reviews soon. It is one of the many things that I have been trying to put off. Well, that’s typical of me. Hahaha!


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