The Color Purple: A Short Review

Monday, January 7, 2013

One of the many things that I enjoyed last holiday break was to read books. I finished four and that’s a lot, considering that we had twelve days of vacation. It is one of my indulges when traveling because of the time that I got waiting for boarding, for food to be served, for the Internet to become stable, etc. And I am not complaining. A good book is a good thing to waste your time on.

the color purple
One of reads is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Due to the lack of an Internet connection (and to make my reading more interesting), I did not look up the novel’s synopsis. The story and its protagonist are both interesting. However, it is not a feel-good novel as it discusses issues like racism, domestic violence, sexism and others. But what made stay up all night just to finish it is how the characters found redemption after all their misjudgments and wrong choices. The book touches a lot of sensitive issues but in the end, it is amazing how everyone found peace and have lived in harmony.


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