Monday, June 3, 2013

And so we are back from a relatively long vacation which I’ve dubbed as my Mommy Break. It started when we made the big move. Having no social life, being a work-from-home mom and a full time domestic goddess, I felt that I needed some time to reconnect with my old friends that I left behind. It has always been a refreshing experience and this recent trip is no different. My super friends found time to see me, I visited the university where I used to work and the restaurants where my friends and I loved.

My BFF noticed that almost all of my posted photos are in front of the dining tables. Haha! Obviously, I am friends with people who just love to eat!

Anyway, we are back to our normal programming. School shall start for our daughter next week and we’ve already bought her the school supplies she needs. We still need to do some other tasks related to her going back to school and it’s a good thing my husband volunteered to do some of them so I am not that harried anymore.

So there. It feels like New Year for me. I so ready to tackle on the new school year, I feel refreshed and inspired to work even harder. And that’s vacations are for.


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