The Heat is On!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And the Heat is indeed on! Earlier today, Miami Heat won over San Antonio Spurs and a lot of people have either rejoiced or mourn over the win of the said team. If you ask me, I am not that happy because I sided with San Antonio Spurs! And no, I am not a sports fan, just a competitive wife. Hahaha! Since the Husband is already rooting for Miami Heat, I had to chose the opposing team, of course. What was at stake? While some friends were betting for Starbucks coffee treat, a box of black & mild and many others, ours was a galloon of ice cream! Fortunately, the night before the big game, the husband already bought me a pint of ice cream and some potato chips. Yay! But still, a bet’s a bet and I will be treating us him with a big serving of his favorite ice cream today.


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