Friday, December 27, 2013

As we were cleaning out a cabinet, I found my home magazines and while resting, I browsed through one of them. I then saw a promo that reminded me of a cousin. He is looking for a promo/ sale so he can save on full size cello cases and this ad is  the solution! I checked the website and saw that a similar promo runs, thanks to a holiday sale. I immediately informed my cousin about it and he is grateful.


It’s a Date!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Now that it is December, the weather has finally gotten cold. I am very delighted since I just love cold weather and hopefully, my family and I could go and enjoy a much colder weather somewhere near. And it seems that I am not alone! My friend who is a fellow work-from-home mom and I chat last night and and I learned that she is looking forward to travelling up north for a colder weather. But before leaving, we agreed on watching an acoustic performance of our favorite singer. Yes, we do share a lot of similarities! I can’t wait for that date as it is the perfect getaway for moms who has limited social life like us! LOL!


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