The Heat is On!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And the Heat is indeed on! Earlier today, Miami Heat won over San Antonio Spurs and a lot of people have either rejoiced or mourn over the win of the said team. If you ask me, I am not that happy because I sided with San Antonio Spurs! And no, I am not a sports fan, just a competitive wife. Hahaha! Since the Husband is already rooting for Miami Heat, I had to chose the opposing team, of course. What was at stake? While some friends were betting for Starbucks coffee treat, a box of black & mild and many others, ours was a galloon of ice cream! Fortunately, the night before the big game, the husband already bought me a pint of ice cream and some potato chips. Yay! But still, a bet’s a bet and I will be treating us him with a big serving of his favorite ice cream today.


Motivation and Hygiene

Thursday, June 20, 2013



Seriously Drunk

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was a diligent student. I never had liquor when I was in high school and college except when there were school events and friends were drinking. But outside school and school-related events, all I had was soda.

One friend labeled me as a “very good girl” for not drinking. I only got drunk twice in my entire life. So, I asked two good friends last week (during my mommy break) to take me to a bar and get drunk – for the sake of being drunk. And it was fun! Especially when one friend started to make sense all because of the alcohol. We talked about abortion, mining and he even shared some insights about a cigar blog recommended by the DJ. I was beyond drunk, thanks to margarita and screw driver (part orange juice, part vodka). All I wanted to do was sleep! So when my friends dropped me off at my hotel, I just changed into my sleeping clothes and dozed off to lalaland. The following day, I had to travel and all I did was sleep on the way.

Anyway, it was indeed a memorable experience. My hang over lasted for about 18 hours! My friends said that they had as much fun as I had and that we should do it again some time. Me: Yes, we should do it again AFTER 10 YEARS! Hahaha! I just dislike the hang over period when I can’t do a thing but sleep. I might do it again next year – with the same company of course. Winking smile



Monday, June 3, 2013

And so we are back from a relatively long vacation which I’ve dubbed as my Mommy Break. It started when we made the big move. Having no social life, being a work-from-home mom and a full time domestic goddess, I felt that I needed some time to reconnect with my old friends that I left behind. It has always been a refreshing experience and this recent trip is no different. My super friends found time to see me, I visited the university where I used to work and the restaurants where my friends and I loved.

My BFF noticed that almost all of my posted photos are in front of the dining tables. Haha! Obviously, I am friends with people who just love to eat!

Anyway, we are back to our normal programming. School shall start for our daughter next week and we’ve already bought her the school supplies she needs. We still need to do some other tasks related to her going back to school and it’s a good thing my husband volunteered to do some of them so I am not that harried anymore.

So there. It feels like New Year for me. I so ready to tackle on the new school year, I feel refreshed and inspired to work even harder. And that’s vacations are for.


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