Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One of my godsons will be celebrating his 18th birthday soon and as a gift, he is requesting for a new meinl birch headliner cajon at guitar center. He does not want to hold a grand celebration and according to him, receiving that gift is more than enough. However, his mom insists that a small gathering be held in honor of this milestone. I understand that he is a big boy now and do not want such attention. But like what I said, the mom is insistent so we are having a simple celebration next month despite his protests.


Crazy. Weird.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last week, a friend posted this and tagged me along with some other quirky friends in our clique. It is amusing but oh-so-true in our case. We are high school batch mates and truth to be told, we are a crazy bunch! We may have grown in age but you can count on us having those weird and crazy conversations every time we meet.

funny friends quote


Song Fest

One of the school activities that my daughter joins this month is the Song Fest. It is an inter-grade chorale contest and their grade level has been practicing their piece for almost a month now. My daughter loves singing and prepares a big deal for the said contest. She is SO dedicated that she even wants to bring our telefunken microphones to school so that her group can use them. I have not allowed it of course, as the school provides enough facilities for their pupils’ use.

Anyway, the contest will be happening this week and my daughter is very excited. In fact, she already prepared her costume last night before she slept. I, on the other hand, is excited too. As a stage mom who is musically-handicapped, I am very proud to have a daughter who can sing.


Heroes and Barrels

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today we, the Filipinos celebrate and remember the great people who worked and died for country’s freedom and sovereignty. It is our National Heroes’ Day. And as our country faces a critical period as issues of corruption have been surfacing, an event called Million People March is held at the country’s capital. Since we can’t be there, our family joined our parish’s Mass as we call for the abolition of pork barrel. It is a good opportunity too, to teach our child a lot of lessons – integrity, honesty, concern for the poor and others. I believe in the separation of state and church, but I appreciate it that my church leaders know when to step up and lead the people to call for a better society.

After the Mass, we listened to a forum regarding pork barrel. Several sectors of the society were given a chance to express their thoughts and stand regarding the issue. Afterward, we left for late breakfast and some shopping. Now that we are home, we are monitoring the event at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila where the March is being held. It is a Monday and while it is a holiday and rest day for my husband and daughter, it is a different story for a work-from-home mom like me. It is a workday. Aside from reading and writing a review about a company that sells gold ounce, I also need to create a prototype of a souvenir made of polymer clay.

Anyway, it is a good day to be great and to do great. Happy National Heroes’ Day!


Shmonday Monday

Monday, August 19, 2013

We have been experiencing heavy downpour since Saturday and our weekend was extended. Surprisingly, my daughter is disappointed that classes are suspended. It is supposed to be her last day of exams and we are scheduled for a mom and daughter date afterward. On the other hand, my husband is quite happy since he can continue his NCIS marathon. I have to watch too, in between blogging and answering emails. I am looking forward to resting early as I still need to catch up with sleep. Last week had been very stressful!

Anyway, the weather is said to be better by Thursday. But I hope it’s sooner. I miss the sun already.


Shopping for Beer Oktoberfest Invitation Cards?

Oktoberfest beer party invites
invitations wording ideas for Octoberfest party
Last week, I was surprised to find in our mailbox some beer Oktoberfest invitation cards. It seems that some of our friends have prepared early this year and I learned that they have ordered from www.invitations-shoppe.com.

They were impressed by their wide selection of party cards available only at that shop. But what they love most about it is that their orders were printed and shipped that very same day that they approved the design for party invitations for Octoberfest celebrations. Because of the fast and efficient service, my friends said that they will be ordering from that shop again for their succeeding events.


ADT Moving and Storage

Monday, August 12, 2013

déménagement montréalWe all know that moving to a new place, city or country is a stressful experience. It requires extensive preparation and since we area leaving our familiar and comfortable zone, we may be anxious because of the need to adjust again. One of the major activity involving the moving process is sorting our stuff and packing them. In order to  lessen the bulk and stress of moving, it is best to hire a professional movers. Since it is their job, we know that they know what they are doing.

If you are looking for help when it comes to déménagement montréal, visit

ADT Déménagement. They have been the top choice when it comes to r

esidential relocation, commercial, industrial, and storage for over 15 years.  Furniture, decorations and valuables can be really challenging to move but ADT assures you that they can safely and securely move them for you. ADT is based in Quebec and serves

the Montreal region and around the province to Quebec City.

Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial demenagement, you are assured that their service is professional and secure. Aside from moving, ADT also offers storage services for furniture either for long term or short term in their safe and heated warehouse across Canada. If you are not sure yet whether ADT is the professional mover for you, you can try their free estimate by sending them the pertinent details of your moving or storage needs and you will receive a detailed estimate free of charge.



Friday, August 2, 2013

One of the US TV series that I have been following is Suits after a friend recommended it to me. I already finished two seasons and aside from the main characters – Harvey and Mike, I also find others to be very impressive and noticeable. Two of them are Rachel and Jessica – I just love how they dress, of course! I surely missed dressing up for work, especially that I spent a good amount of my years at the university. I miss wearing high heels! And I miss the people I worked with, even the rowdy college students who frequented our office.

I miss our dates where we enjoyed good food, drinks, stories and even good music! I can vividly remember the time when we went to a bar where one of them was performing. Even though I had no idea what a ditto looper meant (because it was a hot topic that night), I thoroughly enjoyed the night since the music was good. Our friend played his guitar really well and as a whole, their band performed nicely. It was a memorable night indeed.


How to Make a Plier Stand

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Since I started working with polymer clay, I have accumulated a number of pliers. My commissioned products include key chains, metal book marks, necklaces and bracelets so having good and reliable pliers is a must. As they grow in number, storing them has become a challenge. I used to keep them on a small tin pail with the handle on top. It’s not wise since finding the right pliers takes time as I have to take all of them to find it. For now, I have them placed horizontally in a small stacking shelf on my table. This is more effective as I can easily see and get what I need. However, I found this good idea of displaying my pliers. Making this is very easy. You can read the tutorial  by clicking on the image.

how to make plier stand


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