Long Weekend, Here We Come!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am so giddy with excitement! We are having a long weekend starting tomorrow and we are going to spend the day with my friends from high school.  We are going to meet at a mall in the big metro and apart from being excited to see them again, I also look forward to some shopping. The husband still owes me a holiday present (hah!) and a friend asked us to canvas for a new MXR Effects. He saw a good deal online but he still wants to compare prices from the shops. It will be fun-filled day with friends and their spouses and kids. I know it is going to be great!

And then on Sunday, we will be having a lunch date with our friends who celebrated their wedding anniversary this week. It is going to be fun!

Obviously, there will be a lot of eating happening this weekend. My diet and my exercise regimen need to start very soon as I have not lost the fats I accumulated last Christmas!


I’ll Remember

Surfing through YouTube last night, I chanced upon this beautiful rendition of I’ll Remember  by the cast of Glee. That’s when the characters were bidding each other goodbye. Methinks that they’re graduating and the season is ending. But that’s only me assuming. Hahaha! I am not only clueless about the cast but with the plot as well.

Music, obviously, is one of my handicap.

This is the reason why a friend was torn between finding me hilarious and getting annoyed at that time when I accompanied him to some avid pro tools some years back. For the life of me, I can’t relate with his ravings about guitars, drums and others. Aside from that, I am always, always behind when it comes to music and entertainment.

But going back to that GLEE episode, this for me, is a really good rendition of Madonna’s I’ll Remember. Very heartwarmingly done by Kurt, if you ask me.


It’s So Cold Outside (and Inside too!)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This bed weather has been making me sleepy all day long. I should have been back to my regular routine which demands an early call time but I still feel very sleepy in the morning. It does not help that I sleep so late because I am engrossed with reading novels again. Since my daughter’s classes resumed after the Christmas break, I guiltily went back to sleep after I bring her to school and I wake up again around 10AM to finally start my day. Work is slow for now and no one is complaining.

Oh, except The Cat. Haha!

Did I mention to you that we have a family cat? And she got a lot of tricks. The most recent one is licking us when asking for food. She thinks she’s a dog, eh? I had one unfortunate morning last week when I slept in and it was middle of the morning. Needless to say, she was really very hungry, judging by her persistence. She kept on licking my feet, legs, arms and hands – going from my right side and then transferring to the other. And then moving towards my face to hypnotize me so I’ll get up and feed her. I was tooooo sleepy to even shoo her away and close the door but eventually, I had to get up and fed her.

And I learned my lesson well. I feed her upon my return from school and then go to sleep. And then there’s world peace. And she sleeps happily beside me once she’s full, which in turn, makes me happy.


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