I’ll Remember

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surfing through YouTube last night, I chanced upon this beautiful rendition of I’ll Remember  by the cast of Glee. That’s when the characters were bidding each other goodbye. Methinks that they’re graduating and the season is ending. But that’s only me assuming. Hahaha! I am not only clueless about the cast but with the plot as well.

Music, obviously, is one of my handicap.

This is the reason why a friend was torn between finding me hilarious and getting annoyed at that time when I accompanied him to some avid pro tools some years back. For the life of me, I can’t relate with his ravings about guitars, drums and others. Aside from that, I am always, always behind when it comes to music and entertainment.

But going back to that GLEE episode, this for me, is a really good rendition of Madonna’s I’ll Remember. Very heartwarmingly done by Kurt, if you ask me.


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