Video: How Men React to Labor Pain

Saturday, March 15, 2014

One of my friends is about to give birth next month and as a push gift, she is asking her husband for for Scott Kay jewelry. And it is a fair request if you ask me! Carrying an unborn child for 9 months is not an easy task and giving birth is a very scary experience. She certainly deserve that jewelry she is asking for!

Yesterday, I viewed this video via Huffington Post, entitled How Men React to Labor Pain. And they did this because they thought that women who generally exaggerate everything is also exaggerating about how painful it is to give experience labor pains.

Well, this experience surely taught them something!


Felt Crafting

Monday, March 10, 2014

As a (trying hard) crafter, my primary medium is polymer clay. But there are days that I do get bored and crave for new things to create and stuff to play with. That is why I have a lot of supplies and tools for paper crafting, digital scrapbooking, felt crafting, accessory-making and resin. One can be more attractive than the other for a period of time. For example, post Christmas last year, I was so into felt crafting that I bough a lot of felt cloth and threads. I looked for inspiration and downloaded some templates. And here is one of my projects which was in time for Valentine’s Day last month:

felt heart project

This is not my first sewn heart but it is an improvement of my previous one. I used a scrap of cloth from an old blouse plus some beads as lining. I don’t have intentions of selling them because it takes me a while to finish one (or maybe I’m just too slow when it comes to sewing). But nonetheless, it is an enjoyable activity for me. Another way to express my self and to play with the stuff that I have hoarded. Hahaha!


What Makes You Beautiful

Monday, March 3, 2014

My daughter denies that she is a 1Direction fan. Based on our conversation yesterday, she likes their songs but not the singers. How can an 11-year old kid make a decision like that, I will never know. I am not even updated when it comes to pop music and boy bands, I do not even know what a taylor t5 is but I can almost sing along with 1Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, thanks to this Youtube video which is on a repeat during early mornings and when my kid is home.

It’s a danceable song and the lyrics is good. What is there not to love, right?


On Sick Leave

Monday, February 17, 2014

I have been in and out of meds, no thanks to the weather (I think). I suffered from flu and asthma last month and after a week or two, I had a throat problem and severe coughing. We consulted a new doctor and apart from my new meds, I was advised to take it easy on dusting and sweeping the floor as it might be allergies. And since I don’t have the energy to do pretty much around here, the husband does most of the household chores for almost a month now. He even bought a liquid repellent tablecloth so that there would be less changing and washing of tablecloths in this house. I am looking forwards to be 100% well so I can finally get back to the usual routine.


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